Diversified across core economic sectors

United Kingdom



Essar Oil (UK) Limited (EOUK) is an $8 billion company that owns and operates UK’s second largest oil refinery located in Stanlow near Liverpool. The Company plays a key role in the UK economy, supplying 16 percent of the country’s road transport fuels, especially in the NorthWest region, which comprises the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. It is also a leading supplier of aviation fuel to major airlines operating out of Manchester, the country’s second largest airport. Apart from its state-of-the-art refining capabilities, EOUK has a rapidly growing retail footprint with plans to open 400 oil retail outlets in the UK.

Since 2011, Essar has invested $1 billion in its UK refining and retailing business. The Company has zero long-term debt and has recorded impressive EBITDA upwards of $300 million for the last four financial years. EOUK is also among the top private sector employers in the country, with over 900 direct employees and generating indirect employment for 2000 people.

The Stanlow refinery, which processes 10 million tonnes of crude every year, has been consistently recognised for setting new benchmarks in health and safety, as well as environmental compliance. EOUK runs a number of community outreach initiatives and has been the principal sponsor of the renowned Chester Marathon. The business is aligned with the UK’s goal of making the country’s roads zero emission by 2040. It has already initiated steps to play a larger role in the development of hydrogen-based fuels and other clean alternatives to fossil fuels. EOUK is also exploring a foray into petrochemicals.

India,Vietnam, Nigeria



Essar Exploration & Production Ltd Mauritius (EEPLM) is an early stage developer, focussed primarily on oil & gas exploration. Its global portfolio includes conventional acreages as well as unconventional hydrocarbon acreages that have a resource base of 15 TCF (2.5 bboe) of gas. It has invested $1.1 billion in various acreages across the world.

These investments include:

  • Unconventional hydrocarbon acreages in India through its entity Essar Oil & Gas Expolartion and Production Limited (EOGEPL). EOGEPL is one of the largest exploration & production (E&P) companies in India primarily focussed on Unconventional Hydrocarbons (UHC), with a resource base of 15 TCF of UHC that is strategically located in key sedimentary basins across India. The company is a pioneer of UHC in the country, with about 25 years of experience in E&P of Coal Bed Methane (CBM). EOGEPL’s flagship Raniganj East CBM asset is not only India’s largest producing CBM asset but also has a prolific shale gas potential.
  • Investment in Vietnam offshore block in joint venture with Eni
  • Investments in an exclusive block OPL 226 in Nigeria

EEPLM is breaking new ground in the unconventional hydrocarbon space in India and has emerged as a pioneer in CBM development and production. It seeks to utilise this experience and expertise to explore, develop and commercialise its other unconventional acreages towards enhancing the country’s energy security. With an independently assessed shale gas resource base in India, it is also poised to become a pioneer in this emerging energy frontier.